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November 26, 2014 at 7:29 pm #1530

Bob Schmitt

Hi all –

I visited two marque archives in England a few weeks ago, each at different stage of organization. One archive has digitized thousands of photos into folders for each chassis number. Because they now desire a complete inventory of these photos, I renewed trials of the ExifTool (free software) and had good results when I ran it over 53 sub-folders containing over 2,000 photos.

It’s all described at, which includes two videos to lead one through the steps.

Descriptors in the Excel that was “read” from the photos were improved and then “written” back into the photos (and PDF files) as embedded metadata. Now these photos can create a very complete Excel inventory that can also be as as an import into a CMS.

Not quite magic, but I surprised myself!

Try it!


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