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2019 NAAM Annual Conference

Hosted by Studebaker National Museum

NAAM Conference Location: South Bend, IN

NAAM Conference Dates: March 19-22, 2019

Host Hotel: Aloft South Bend
Phone: (574) 288-8000
Booking Link: Click here to reserve your room.

Closest Airport: South Bend International

Regional (larger) Airports: O’Hare International Airport or  Midway International Airport


NAAM Annual Conference: Call for Session Proposals

Proposals Due: November 16, 2018

The 2019 NAAM Annual Conference will be hosted by the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana, from March 19-22, 2019.  Conference organizers are seeking session proposals in both lecture and interactive/roundtable formats.

To be sustainable, NAAM member institutions must continue to grow their audiences and maintain their relevance in their communities.  To that end, the 2019 conference theme is “Always Give More than you Promise,” a slogan borrowed from the Studebaker Bros. Manufacturing Company.  The conference’s goal is to provide attendees with tools to innovate, adapt and enhance all facets of Museum operations.  Sessions will examine both administrative and curatorial topics, as well as discuss interpretation, programming, and visitor experience initiatives.  An additional conference goal is to encourage and facilitate idea and experience sharing among attendees.

  • Select a Topic: NAAM is the professional center of excellence for automobile museums and affiliated organizations that supports, educates and encourages members to operate according to professional standards of the museum industry. The Annual Conference is the association’s signature event, and is among the most important benefits of NAAM membership. In proposing a session topic for the conference, please consider: the particular relevance of the topic to the automobile museum community, and the potential for the topic to inform and generate discussion among our colleagues.
  • Choose a Format: Meeting sessions are 75 minutes in length, including time for questions and discussion at the end of a presentation. Past presentations have used a number of different formats. Among the most popular are:
  1. Case Studies: Present a concern or a project from your organization from which other conference participants can learn or gather ideas for their own organizations. Topics must be focused, and presentations should include no more than 3 panelists.
  2. Panels: Examine a broader subject or concern shared by automobile museums. The panel must include 1 chair (who may also be a speaker/panelist) and up to 3 additional panelists. Panelists should represent various – and perhaps contradicting – viewpoints, and should represent institutions of various sizes. Bear in mind that panel discussions may inspire more audience questions than usual. Presenters should allow sufficient time for questions and answers.
  3. Workshops: Teach a special skill like label writing, cataloging, grant writing, etc. Attendees may be asked to complete model activities individually, or broken out into groups to complete tasks collaboratively. Workshops typically have 1 or 2 instructors.
  • Select Presenters: NAAM asks that the session submitter also serve as the session organizer responsible for logistics, requests for A/V equipment, communication with participants and NAAM staff, and leading the session itself. Session chairs must be affiliated with a NAAM institutional member, or be individual NAAM members. Other speakers/panelists are not required to be NAAM members.
  • Prepare a Session Abstract: Write a summary of your session proposal, totaling between 250 and 500 words. Indicate why your proposal is of interest to conference attendees, and include the names and affiliations of each presenter to be included in your session.
  • Submit Your Proposal: Email your proposal to the NAAM Speaker/Program Committee at bobco@naam.museum. Submission deadline is November 16, 2018. Session chairs will be notified if their proposal is accepted by December 3, 2018.
  • Registration Fees & Cost: Session organizers must register for at least one day of the NAAM Annual Conference. Discounts are not given for meeting registration. NAAM does not pay travel costs or honoraria for any session chairs or presenters. However, those in need of assistance are encouraged to apply for a conference scholarship.
  • Session Scheduling: NAAM planning staff will assign all session times and dates. Submission of a proposal confirms your willingness to accept the schedule as assigned.



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